Tom Bozigian, of Los Angeles, California, is an internationally recognized dance instructor. He is a graduate of the Armenian State Choreographic Academy and also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.) in Russian Area Studies and a Master of Arts Degree (M.A.) in Education from Fresno State University. He is fluent in three languages: English, Armenian and Russian. He unites the elements of professional dancer-choreographer/linguist/musician to support his far-reaching research on the subject of Armenian dance ethnography. Tom Bozigian is particularly sought out for his extensive knowledge of dances from the pre-1915 period and has presented some of his material to institutes and ensembles throughout Armenia. His dance expertise also covers dances of the Armenian Diaspora and new folk dances. Tom Bozigian’s teaching has taken him to most continents of the world. He has been commissioned to set suites of Armenian dances for both Armenian and non-Armenian dance ensembles in various countries, and he regularly tours the Orient and Europe teaching Armenian dance.

Along with his teaching courses, which includes instruction in Russian character, Lebanese (Dabke) and Greek folk dances, Tom Bozigian leads a folklore orchestra which has produced numerous recordings. He is an accomplished percussionist with nearly 45 years of performance experience as a dancer/singer/musician.

After graduating from the choreographic school in Armenia and returning to Los Angeles in 1975, Tom Bozigian made the decision to devote his career full-time to the preservation, performance and instruction of original Armenian song and dance. Each year Tom travels to Armenia to continue teaching and research, working with various institutions and dance specialists such as Artashes Karapetyan of the Mankavarzhakan Institute for Dance as well as with folk musicians. Areas throughout Armenia, including other countries, are targeted and visited for the purpose of drawing analogies of original dances from both Armenia and the Diaspora.

In Los Angeles Tom continues with classical dance training and studies musical arrangement and harmony. Presently, he teaches weekly classes in Armenian dance in southern California and plays with his trio of folk musicians who have recently recorded two CD’s. He also regularly records with the Armenian State Television Ensemble for Folk Instruments which has also been included on his CD’s.



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February 22, 2022