Meet The 2024 Bands

Sans Frontieres


Sans Frontières enthusiastically returns to the Laguna Festival, having had its premier festival performance at the Laguna Festival 2020.  Sans Frontières has a wide-ranging repertoire, tackling pieces that are widely danced, but not typically performed by IFD bands.  Their repertoire consists of relatively recent music that evolved from, and celebrates, ethnic heritage, but expresses that heritage in modern-day musical conventions – Music from anywhere in the world that’s popular for dance all around the world.  Attendees will enjoy music from Greece, Romania, Ukraine, the Mediterranean, the Americas, and other locales in their sets. 


Tzidia is a San Diego-based band made up of friends who previously performed together with the groups Trio Zheni, Eastern Exposure, and Dromia. Our name reflects these earlier associations. We play folk dance music primarily from the Balkans and surrounding areas, plus Scandinavia. We are: Marie Hayes (vocals), Paul Johnson (violin), Mary Marshall (percussion), Mary Ann Downs Tanaka (vocals and tambura), and Dan Ziagos (accordion).

Our Location

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24112 Moulton Pkwy
Laguna Woods CA 92637 USA

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